Manage the past.

Empower the present.

Direct the future. 


Supporting education and prosperity.



Common Grounds Cafe & Co

Common Grounds is a social enterprise of NP3 and will be a great new addition in the downtown district of Bolivar. It’s not only be the best new place for relaxation, work, social activities, entertainment and delicious treats, but also an extension of NP3 and the workforce development program. Dining or grabbing a cup of coffee at Common Grounds goes well beyond the cafe walls in helping improve the community of Bolivar and beyond. 

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Youth Development

(Coming Up . . .) The Youth Development program will be a skills training program implemented into locals schools that will help equip students for the workforce. Starting in middle school and tracking through graduation, students will be well-practiced in what it takes to be successful in the workforce whether they attend a higher education institution or go directly into their career.

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Workforce Development

(Coming Up . . .) Our workforce development program will work directly with individuals in the Bolivar and surrounding communities to help overcome barriers to employment and achieve their career and life goals. Our ultimate goal is to make Bolivar stronger by strengthening it's people and it's workforce. 

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