Common Grounds Cafe & Co. 

Common Ground Cafe & Co.jpg

Common Grounds is a social enterprise of NP3 and will be a great new addition to the downtown district of Bolivar--improving both the economical and social well-being of the community. It will serve as THE spot for people to relax, socialize, dine, read, work, entertain, and support the community. Free Wi-Fi, sweet treats, delicious food, great music, fantastic service, and tasty drinks will all be offered. 

Common Grounds goes above and beyond just another coffee shop and will play a huge part in improving lives in our community. As an extension of NP3 and the workforce training program, it will serve as a first step toward employment for many of our participants. A great place where they can practice their new jobs kills and prove themselves ready to work. 

Dining or grabbing a cup of coffee at Common Grounds will  go well beyond the cafe walls in helping improve the community of Bolivar and beyond.