Why focus on the 38008 zip code?

The Bolivar zip code includes the most economically-distressed area of Hardeman County, as well as one of the most distressed in West Tennessee.  The rate of poverty exceeds 35%.  Unemployment is high, while education rates are low.  (more data once we confirm it)

NP3 is partnering with this area because we see the greatest opportunity for improvement. However, living outside the NP3 zip code does not exclude anyone from being accepted into the NP3 program.

What are “barriers to employment?”  

Included, but not limited, to this list are the following barriers:

  • criminal past

  • lack of transportation

  • limited education and/or skills

  • lack of childcare

  • poor social skills

  • limited life skills

  • unstable housing

  • health issues

  • depression and other mental illnesses

  • emotional barriers

  • addiction

  • overwhelming financial obligations

  • revoked driver’s license

Why Nehemiah?

The book of Nehemiah tells of a man's love for his people who had been left defenseless.  The walls of Jerusalem had been destroyed by enemies, and Nehemiah set about the great task of rallying everyone to help rebuild those walls, thus restoring strength and protection to his people.  

For our city and region, industry and other job opportunities have moved away, leaving many of our people without a means of supporting their families unless they commute away for work. Our project seeks to build up our people, as Nehemiah built up Jerusalem’s walls.  

Like Nehemiah, we know our entire community will need to join in this effort for it to succeed.

Is NP3 a religious organization?  

While NP3 does not affiliate with any religion or denomination, we are a “faith-inspired” group that seeks to help those who are down trodden.  For those who have lost hope, we are a community of grace that offers second chances.  And third.  And fourth…